Let The Wild Rumpus Start | Jack’s 3rd Birthday

I can hardly believe my littlest miracle is already THREE, but alas, it appears to be true. This year we took our inspiration from his current favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are, which he affectionately refers to as his “Wild Rumpus Book.” And a Wild Rumpus certainly seemed appropriate for our little monster. We opted for a Saturday morning brunch, complete with pancakes, bacon, a yogurt bar, and plenty of donuts. There was even a mimosa bar for the grownups to enjoy. We chose to have an “open house” get together, rather than a traditional birthday party, so that we could enjoy the time with our guests and just let the kids be kids. Overall we had a grand time and I would call the rumpus a big success.

Here’s a gallery of some very quick photos I snapped before the days festivities got underway (and before we added all 5 lbs of bacon to the table! YUM!) Much of the party was DIYed by yours truly, but I will include links on the bottom in case you see something you want to snag. (I tried to include a link to a similar item whenever I could.)



Shirt: Plucky Mustard on Etsy
Crown: Fortune Favors the Gold on Etsy
Tail: Fox Tail Keychain from Amazon
Wooden Silverware: From Amazon
Corrugated Cups: From Amazon
Birch Tree Straws: From Amazon
Green Hanging Tissue Balls: From Amazon
Chocolate Rocks: Similar from Amazon
Candy Bags: From Amazon
Burlap Table Cloth: Similar from Amazon
Galvanized Silverware Caddy: Similar from Amazon

Big Brother’s Special Party Shirt: Our Five Loves from Etsy
Big Brother’s Party Horns: Babycricket from Etsy
Twig Pencils Included in the Favor Bags: From Amazon

Plain Favor Bags to DIY: From Amazon
Soft Gold Paint Made for Fabric: From Amazon
Craft Moss: Similar from Amazon
Fairy Garden Mushrooms: Similar from Amazon
Moss Table Runner: Similar from Amazon