How to Stitch Fix Like a Pro


If you haven’t yet heard of Stitch Fix let me be the first to tell you that this subscription box service is completely changing the face of shopping for women everywhere. Imagine items handpicked especially for you by a personal stylist, sent directly to your home for you to try on in your own time and with your own wardrobe, and whatever you don’t like you simply drop into a prepaid shipping bag and send right back. Now imagine the service itself is essentially free, because although they charge a $20 “styling fee” the fee is always applied to whatever you purchase from your box, so it ultimately costs you nothing. That my friends is EXACTLY what Stitch Fix provides.

As a mom with two little boys Stitch Fix has been one of the best things that ever happened to me, because it meant finally doing away with my least favorite aspect of shopping – dragging two little boys into a crowded dressing room with me while I cram myself in and out of ill fitting pants under unflattering florescent lighting while listening to them fight over my iPhone. Now I excitedly open my Stitch Fix packages in my own timing (aka: when no kids are around,) I can sip on a “mommy beverage” of choice, and effortlessly try pieces on in my own bedroom. I can even try putting them into outfits with items from my existing wardrobe to see how easily I could integrate the new pieces. No more digging through racks trying to narrow it down to styles I like, no more wonky mirrors or yucky lighting, and no more rushing to beat a toddler meltdown. Shopping became luxurious again, and its been heavenly.


Let’s take a peek into my most recent fix to see what the service is really like.

For starters, every package comes beautifully branded and designed, which definitely adds to the overall experience of being spoiled.

Inside the box are your 5 hand chosen items, the return bag, a personalized note from your stylist, an invoice listing out each items price breakdown, and an example card for each of the pieces showing 2 ways it could potentially by styled


Open up the tissue to reveal the items your stylist has chosen!

I made a challenge to myself that I would try on every single piece my stylist sends, even if Im not a fan at first look. And let me say: that challenge has paid off. Sometimes my stylist seems to know whats going to fit my shape even better than I do. Plus it can be fun to try something new and step out of a fashion rut – you might surprise yourself!


Here are the items I received this fix. All 5 were definitely “keepers” for me.

IMG_9855 IMG_9866 IMG_9865 IMG_9857 IMG_9867 IMG_9870

So now that we have seen the ins and outs of Stitch Fix, lets get down to the juicy stuff – how to get the MOST out of this service. I’ve boiled it down to my top 4 tips.

1) Your most important tool is your Pinterest board – hands down.

When filling out your style profile during your Stitch Fix sign up, they give you the option to link to a single Pinterest board. This board is hands down the most important key to getting the most out of your fix. Make sure that this board is dedicated only to styles you would want your stylist to consider when putting together your fix. It can even be helpful to create a separate board you use solely for tracking styles you are most interested in for your current fix, especially if you like to pin a variety of fashion related photos just for fun. Keep your board up to date, deleting things you are no longer interested in or have already purchased something similar to and aren’t looking to receive in your shipment. Most importantly, don’t overlook the caption on your pins. Use that space to point out the specific why’s and how’s of what you’re pinning. A great example would be to say “I love the print and the style of this blouse, maybe not with that type of collar though.” Or you could say “I have pants just like these already, so a jacket like that would be perfect in my next fix!”
(You can see my board here:

2) Find a stylist who gets you, and then request to STAY with them.

Whenever I hear someone say they haven’t been happy with their fix my advice is always the same: change stylists. Between every fix you have a chance to write a note to your stylist to give them extra info for that particular fix. Type *NEW STYLIST PLEASE* as the very first line in this box and you are guaranteed to have your account passed to a new stylist. Don’t worry about hurting feelings, this is a job, and the stylists at stitch fix are not in any way offended if you move to someone new. The service employs so many stylists with so many different tastes and preferences, so its essential you find a stylish you feel like really understand your personal style and can accurately reflect them in your fixes. When you find someone you mesh with, go back to that note to stylist feature and write *SAME STYLIST PLEASE* at the beginning of your request. The longer you stay with a stylist you love, the more they understand your style and can expertly pick your pieces.

3) Find out what others are getting in their fixes, and request items that catch your eye.

This is a tricky one. Please note that just because you request a specific item doesn’t actually guarantee they will have that item in your size when it comes time to style your fix. So always be flexible when making requests. That being said, you absolutely can request to receive specific items in your fix, and even if they don’t have the particular item on hand it can really help your stylist to figure out what sort of items appeal to you most. The BEST way to see what other fixers are getting is to head on over to Instagram and scroll through #stitchfix. If you see an item you love and the poster hasn’t said what it was called, don’t hesitate to comment on the picture with a simple request for details. A great example would be “Hey, that skirt is so gorgeous! Can you let me know what its called so I can request it in my next fix? Thanks!” I’ve employed this method many a time and fellow fixers have always been great about letting me know. You can also search on Pinterest for “Stitch Fix” or queries like “Stitch Fix Top,” “Stitch Fix Review,” or “Stitch Fix Spring.” Just know that with Pinterest its a lot harder to ensure the items you are being shown are current, so you may end up falling in love with items from a previous season. Instagram is a better way to see the most current items available. If you do find an item you’d like to request, include it in the note to stylist feature we discussed earlier. You can also search for the item on Pinterest and add it to your Stitch Fix board if its on there.

4) Don’t worry about being polite, your stylist would prefer you be SPECIFIC.

This is absolutely the number one mistake people make with their stitch fix. There is limited space for writing both your feedback on your checkout survey and your notes to your stylist each fix. Utilize this space wisely ladies. Don’t worry about your grammar, your tone, or pleasantries. If you want your stylist to really nail your fix, you have to be as specific as possible. This is most important in your checkout surveys. When you don’t like a piece, be extremely specific as to why. Did it fit horribly on your hips? Was it a total oddball choice for your style? Did the fabric choice remind you of a clearance rack at a dress barn? Don’t hold back. Your stylist can take it: I promise. This is their job, and they WANT to get your style figured out, so don’t ever withhold valuable information in the name of being polite.  

So that’s it folks: all the tricks, tips, and tools you need to Stitch Fix like a pro.

Leave a comment below letting me know if you’ve tried Stitch Fix, if you have any insider tips of your own, or if any of my advice has helped you get the most out of your future fixes. One lucky commenter will be randomly selected on February 12th to receive Joy Pack of items hand picked by yours truly that are sure to brighten your day.