Wordless Wednesday: Brothers Are Friends for Life

Every Wednesday on the blog will be “Wordless Wednesday,” a blogging community concept in which photos are the primary focus rather than words. Each week there will be a theme, and a series of photographs will be presented in lieu of a traditional blog entry. This week’s theme is taken from an Instagram hashtag I started soon after Jack was born: #brothersarefriendsforlife. It’s been wonderful for me to be able to scroll through the feed and watch my boys relationship grow and develop in front of my eyes. Today I’m sharing a selection of these captures with you here. These are in order as they were taken, so you can see how their relationship evolved. (Some of the earliest ones here were quick cell phone captures, so bear with me on the photo quality. I simply couldn’t help but include them, since the quality of their connection shines so much brighter than the quality of the image)






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