She’s The Boss: Rachel Fisher

Today I’m bringing you the second installment in my “She’s The Boss” regular series. I’m pretty giddy about this one. Chewable Charm is changing the face of teething jewelry by creating beautiful, chic, and fashion forward designs that you’ll want to wear even when you’re long past the teething phase. In fact, I wore three different pieces from their stunning collection throughout the photoshoot for my own press shots. Rachel, the brains behind this fantastic brand, is as smart as she is delightful, and I know you guys are going to love her as much as I already do. So let’s hear from Rachel!

rachel of chewable charmHey Rachel! So tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

Hi there! I’m Rachel Fisher Owner/Designer of Chewable Charm. Momma to my sweet baby boy Austin, who just turned 1, & wife to my wonderful husband Blake. We are a true family business making Teething Necklaces for moms here in sunny California, currently living our dream of being parents and business owners.

Where did the idea for Chewable Charm begin? What has the journey looked like, going from just a concept in your brain to the successful brand you’re running today?
I started making my own Teething Jewelry that matched my own style, which as most of my friends know is a mix of neutrals and whites and grays, so neutrals. I felt like there had to be other moms out there who would much rather wear a Teething Necklace that complimented their style without overpowering their outfits.  I really… like really, enjoy the craft of designing and making something beautiful in my home and sending it out to other moms and babies to wear and enjoy. I have always had “my brand” in my mind. You should see my secret Pinterest boards which I have gathered over the years. I started dreaming of a brand before I knew what our product would be. Being a mom of a teething baby was exhausting, overwhelming and heartbreaking. Finding something fun and stylish to wear and not worry about while my little guy shoved it into his mouth triggered a spark that caught to fire in our household. Quickly came the designs, the website, the Instagram, the photography done by our fabulous friends, and soon after that, came the orders. We are now in a handful of retail stores over the US and UK and  growing into many more. It has been so much fun to see this little dream of ours turn heads.

How do you personally define success?
Success is loving what you do and loving how you do it. For me, it’s a peace of mind that comes from giving, making pretty things, and being able to experience life and enjoy every second with my family and friends.

Chewable Charm & MagazineWhere do you see your brand in the next few years?
Some of you don’t know this but I’m a working mom in the corporate world on top of starting Chewable Charm. I hope in the next few years to be able to have more time to dedicate into my brand. I see us in more retail stores and being able to spend more time working with retailers to bring Chewable Charm to more mommas.


What’s the best piece of advice you can give to women who are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs and want to make to leap into working for themselves?
Sometimes you have to balance both worlds at the same time when you are getting started, and that’s ok. Right now I am balancing my corporate job while building my own brand. You need to know when to dedicate time to each one and stay focused. I think keeping a realistic expectation while getting started is key and don’t be afraid to slowly ease into the transition of doing what you love.

Chewable Charm and TeetherSo tell us a bit more about the products. What can a new client expect when purchasing from Chewable Charm?
I hope that moms feel just as fashionable as they feel practical wearing our handmade necklaces. Remember the days where you could actually wear that cute Anthropologie necklace without those little fingers pulling and nibbling on every inch? Your new “Mom style” is a real thing and believe me, it happens to all of us! We are here to help keep your pre-baby style with our modern designs while helping soothe your little ones teething gums. Our beads are 100% FDA approved high quality food grade silicone. BPA, PVC, Latex, phthalate and lead free. It’s great for gift giving and baby showers because all orders come gift wrapped.

What are a couple of your favorite products or designs you’ve put out so far? Do you have a specific product you’d recommend to a first time buyer who’s new to teething jewelry?
I love our new Spring and Summer line that has some pops of blush, light gray and nude colors incorporated with our mint and creams for the original line. My go to is the Austin in Blush, the Hudson Gray, and the Jameson Nude. I’ve noticed smaller babies teeth easier on the rounded beads because they are a little bit softer. The hexagon beads are still soft and great for teething gums, but they are a little firmer which is great for older babies and babies cutting teeth. I tried to incorporate the two types of beads in a few necklaces to get the best of both worlds.

Any hints or inside scoops you want to share on new ideas you’re working on for future releases?
We just introduced our new handmade wooden teether toys which incorporate one of our teething bracelets, they are so cute and babies love them. They are made with quality craftsmanship and you can expect to see more fun things for our wooden teether toys.

Not only did Rachel agree to participate in the interview, but she generously offered up one of her new products to giveaway to one lucky reader! YAY! You could win “the Lacey” for yourself by entering below. Good Luck!



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