Project Aidan


I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received both yesterday when posting the account to social media and in the short time since this blog post has gone live. The outpouring has been so beautifully encouraging and gives me hope that the angry voice of the minority is just that – the minority, and not at all how most people perceive my sweet boy.

That being said, Aidan is still working through the incident in his sweet little heart, and it’s hard for any parent to watch their child see so much less of themself than they really are. But in this case its honestly more than I can stand.

So I’m launching Project Aidan.

Because Aidan is able to read so fluently, and because he enjoys checking up on social media, I’ve decided to launch a campaign to show him just how loved and accepted he really is, and try to reverse some of the damage caused by the grocery store encounter. The premise is simple: post something to instagram, facebook, or even twitter with the hashtag #youremyheroaidan for Aidan to see. Tell him he’s special, tell him he’s awesome, tell him he’s loved – just tell him a little something to make him smile. I will continue to share with him your comments,posts, and shares and hopefully we can show this little guy just how wrong that man in the grocery store really was about him.

Lets send this kid an avalanche of love to outweigh the negativity and give him the boost of a lifetime. That man may be a veteran, but Aidan is the real hero in that story.


  1. Dana Hill says

    Aidan, I just wanted to take a minute to send you a message. I am so sorry to hear about that awful man in the grocery store. Sweetie, you are indeed a VERY special boy. You are very uniquely and wonderfully made. I am so sad for that man that he couldn’t see that. Do NOT let him get you down. Keep smiling buddy. I am sure you have such a bright future ahead of you. Give your mom an extra hug for me because she sounds like an awesome mom. And sometimes moms just need extra hugs. Sending you ♥

  2. says

    Just know you are not alone I have a son I adopted as an infant. His birth mom drank (binged). Also my husband had early onset dementia. Going out with these two was very entertaining to a lot of rude people.
    Hold your head high and enjoy your beautiful little guy. These fools don’t know what they are missing.
    Timmy’s mom

  3. says

    I am so touched by this. I will post on Facebook and hashtag. I have a special needs son and write often about how the world misunderstands. Jesus holds this beautiful heart in the palm of His precious hand, and He tends the soil of that beautiful mind and sweet heart. What man meant for ill, may Jesus restore a thousandfold. Joel 2:25. May He restore what the locusts try to eat away. Aidan is the victor through Christ! Much love! Look for my hashtag! And if you haven’t already, check out this ministry (it’s not mine, but it’s a movement/ministry to equip churches to know better how to include kids with special needs, disabilities, and mental health issues. Great articles on here.

  4. Erin says

    Although my child is not on the spectrum, he and your boy share a love of classic rock, skinny jeans, band tees and beanies! Each child is perfect and special in their own way. I love your boy the same way I love my own. They are wonderful and the world is a better place with them in it. Keep doing what you’re doing, Mom! You’re amazing and your son is as well!

  5. Susan Michelle says

    Don’t let his problems become yours, Aidan. You belong where ever you want to be and don’t let any one tell you any different.

  6. Christy says

    Aiden, you are awesome. And your mama is awesome, too. You are God’s own creation, and I’m sorry that you had to see sin and selfishness. And I’m sorry that it hurt you and your mama. It hurts God, too. You are a light in a dark world. Don’t let anyone keep you from shining. That’s what your mama does. Be like her and shine with all the love and joy that God’s grace gives. Forgive this unkind man, and keep shining. You’re a hero.

  7. Barbara says

    Aiden – God does not make mistakes. He has something big and great and wonderful planned for you. Stay strong and keep that precious heart of yours exactly as it is- full of love and kindness for anyone you meet. The world needs you and I am glad your are in it.

  8. Amanda Kramer says

    Aiden, I wish you could have a run in with my dad. When he was younger and still a soldier he was hurt really bad. He lost his right leg. When you see him out and about there’s an empty spot where that leg used to be and he uses crutches to help him walk. Because he looks so different, most kids are afraid to interact with him. He would have been thrilled to have a kid act playfully toward him and would have played right along. Please, keep reaching out and making connections. The next time you do, it could be the most wonderful thing in another person’s day. It would’ve been to my dad.

  9. Amy says

    I am a mother to a very wonderful, loving Son. Christopher who is also on the spectrum. Christopher is 11 years old and I would never change one thing about him. Your mom is right. God made you special and in his image. God loves you just the way you are and we love you just the way you are. You are special, and sometimes people can be mean Aidan and they are just not able to see how they can hurt someone with what they say. But my family wants you to know that we think you are ausome, and amazing and we want you to know that there is nothing stupid or dumb about being on the spectrum. God gave you and other people on the spectrum a different kind of brain to think, love, and forgive the way you do to show everyone else that we can do better. The one thing I know is every person I have met on the spectrum are the most intelligent, loving, caring and forgiving people I know and this world needs more people that are just as loving and forgiving as you and my son Christopher are.

  10. Summer says

    Aiden, what a sweet, loving child you are. You are loved. You are kind. You are thoughtful. You are humble. You are a Child of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves you with an abundance like no other. I admire your forgiving and loving heart after what happened with the man in the grocery store. It takes true courage to pray for those who persecute you and your story had me crying all the way through. I’ve been going through Ephesians at my church and this happens to be one of my favorite verses: “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”(Ephesians 4:32) I will be praying for you and for your sweet heart. Know that you are so loved. And in the words of Veggie Tales (which are pretty awesome), “God thinks you’re special, and He loves you very much!”

    Thanking Him for you,

  11. Amanda de swardt says

    Greetings from South Africa Aidan! You are just the coolest little guy ever! I have three little boys and they would love to be your friend. They all love lego and science and i bet you can teach them ALOT! Keep on enjoying life – you are awesome! Love Amanda and sons

  12. Kelly says

    Aiden, you sound like the most amazing boy! I can’t wait to hear your name rejoiced in the world as you do incredible things with all of your gifts. We are so lucky and blessed to have you here. I believe one of the greatest words out there is joy. You just keep being your magnificent self and celebrate the joy you are to your parents and all of your family and friends.
    Love to you, and to your family,

  13. Kristen says

    Hi Aidan! I was so sad when I read your mom’s story about the soldier in the grocery store. I wish I had been there. I would have been able to help you, help your mom, tell that mean man how wrong he was. Us moms need to stick together! Please don’t ever say you’re not special! You know more stuff than most adults I know. The things your mom wrote about you were just beautiful and so impressive! I just wanted you to know that without ever even seeing you, you have touched my heart. Keep being amazing!

  14. says

    Hi Aiden! My name is Lisa. I have 3 beautiful children. My oldest son, De’von turns 15 in April. He too was diagnosed on the spectrum. He has been diagnosed PDD-NOS (similar to Aspergers). Along with his autistic spectrum diagnosis, he is also diagnosed ADHD, DMDD(Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder)which falls under Mood Disorder category (ex: bipolar…etc), AND anxiety disorder. But, even with all his “labels”, D is a wonderful, loving (can be a pain in the bum sometimes lol) young man. Its been a struggle, but he will succeed because we will never give up on making sure he gets any help,he needs… And has a very supportive family who sees him for who he is. NOT a boy with special needs…. But a very special boy who needs to be understood more and needs our love and support to,show him he is NO LESS…just like yourself. Self acceptance has been a,struggle with him… But like you, he is very smart, funny and has a,beautiful heart.

    My 2nd son, Richie, just turned 10. He has no diagnosises, but that doesnt make him any better or worse then his,brother. He is also a,very loving kind hearted boy. He is somewhat shy at first, but once he gets to know someone, he is a,good friend, never judgemental and will befriend anyone, yet use good judgment in staying out of trouble and not following in footsteps of others who will try to,convince him to do things he,knows are not,right.

    My youngest, my baby girl… Liliana is 4. While she has not been diagnosed either…. After years of learning about, and raising a child with special needs…. I know in my heart that she struggles. My sons Dr mentioned he notices ADHD, however she is HIGHLY intelligent for her age with most academic skills. Vocabulary of 3rd grader, and has known all her letters, numbers, colors, shapes etc since before 1.
    However, she suffers from many sensory difficulties. Sounds can have her covering her ears, crying and scared. As little as a bird chirping outside window, a knock at door, still vacuum has her running away.
    Along with hearing… Touch, smell and all senses for most part. I do not believe she falls on the spectrum just based on the main “checklist” of the biggest signs… Such as social…
    She actually tries to be best friends with everyone who is a kid (adults she is very very shy around). But she loves making friends, and loves to love. There are several other signs with her behavior that lead me to know that she has struggles yet to be diagnosed… Often, because of her being so intelligent and hitting most milestones earlier then kids her age… My concerns have been overlooked. But i will,continue to,fight for all my children.

    And… I am diagnosed ADHD, and anxiety disorder. So, i know how it feels with many of struggles my oldest deals with. At least with adhd and anxiety. I feel blessed now that i have it. I struggled growing up, trying to feel normal… Fit in. It wasnt easily recognized in girls with adhd, so i grew up as a kid who was stubborn, troublemaker, didn’t listen and wouldn’t follow directions. I was too embarrassed of how i felt different that i never spoke up… So i didnt even get dianosed until after having kids… And recognizing myself in my son. It helps,both of us,knowing i can relate and understand why he has difficulties in certain things. Im his,biggest advocate.

    I know this,got very long, im sorry. I talk…alot :)
    But i wanted to share with you, that you are NOT alone.
    And you should never allow the ignorance of others who dont understand… To deter you. Dont change who,you are to try and be accepted. Because who you are, is beautiful.

    I am still learning to,accept my uniqueness… Different way of viewing things,then most people. But, i have found my passion along the way. Art.
    I will include several links,to my art pages…. If you want to check them out. I am in the process of trying to reach for my dreams as well as support my family with theirs.

    Keep believing in yourself kiddo.

    One of my fav quotes…
    “Embrace the Beauty of Imperfection”

    And one i wrote:
    “I wish i could show those who needed to see,
    What the world was like through the eyes, mind, heart and soul of me”

    All my love.. And feel free to email or msg me anytime (your momma too ;)
    Lisa Marie Hahn Sodan

  15. Natasha m. says

    Aiden, your mother loves you dearly, deeply and without limitation. Exactly the way God does. I am so proud of you for praying to God for this man whose harsh words impacted you so. Many adults cannot say they would have been able to respond with such grace and love. That is a true testament to the kind and gentle soul that is inside of you. A long time ago, I learned that people that have been hurt go on to hurt other people because they feel in some way it will help lesson their own pain. You are a wonderful, gifted, fantastic little boy, that God loves without limits, exceptions or conditions and you are exactly tbe way that God designed you to be.our heavenly father doesn’t make mistakes. I pray for you (just as I pray for my own little boy with aspy) that you carry that knowledge in your heart and soul that you are a gift and a miracle to this world.what people say about other people shows a lot more about the character of the speaker than the person that is being spoken about.You are not a freak. You are a precious child of God with a divine calling to love others as jesus loved udn

    • Vanessa says

      Hi Aidan,
      You are truly abeautiful and inspiring young man. Please don’t ever think differently of your self. We need more amazing people like you in the world who have big forgiving hearts and creative, curious minds. Thank you for being who you are :)

  16. Cindy says

    Hi Aidan!
    First let me say that some people are really mean. God never intended people to be mean, but they just are. I don’t like people like that, but God still loves them. So I let God take care of them. All I do is ask God to help them, because I have no idea how to help them, especially if I will never see them again!!

    I want YOU to know how VERY MUCH God loves YOU!! Do you know that HE made you just the way YOU ARE? Isn’t that so amazing? I have some stuff that is wrong with me too. Sometimes I don’t like the stuff that is wrong with me, but then I remember that God made each of us “unique” so that we can help others.
    I am so sad that you met such an angry and mean man at the store – and that you became so sad. I want you to remember ALWAYS how VERY VERY SPECIAL you are… to your family, to your friends and especially to GOD!! Always remember that!! Never ever let someone tell you that you not. In the Bible (in Psalm 139) it even tells us that YOU ARE WONDERFULLY made!!
    You have been created to bring honor and glory to God and Him alone!! Remember that in everything you do!!!
    You are loved and prayed for Aidan!!
    I will add you to my little prayer chain that I have!!
    Blessings to you Aidan (and all of your family)

  17. says

    Aidan, I am sitting at my computer while my sister, who is now 52 years old, is sitting in the middle of the living room floor playing with tinker toys. When she does this, she dumps them out, picks them up one by one, touches them to the box and then puts them into the box. When they are full, she dumps them out and starts over again. Yes, she is autistic. I think she is funny, and cute and she does things that make me laugh. I could tell you hundreds of stories about her life that have blessed me and others in many ways. Everyone doesn’t see it that way, but not everyone has the eyes of God to see how special and unique each person HE has created really is. It is only those who take the time to really look at each person who can see the beauty of each life. You sound like an amazing young man that anyone would be blessed to know. I’m sorry that not everyone sees you that way, but that is their loss and in no way makes you less special. It just means that they don’t have God’s eyes to see things the right way. I will be praying for that man, because he is missing out on so much beauty in life that you, Aidan, have been blessed by God to see at a young age.

  18. Janna says

    Hi there Aidan! You are my hero! Thank you for being you! Did you know that God made YOU so special from every other person,because only you can love God and others the way you do?!?! He has so many amazing plans for your life, so many people that you will meet, who you get to share God’s love with people like no one else can! I believe you met that man because he doesnt know God’s love. The cool thing is, is that even though He doesnt know God’s love, you do, and you know how much God loves him too! I will pray for him with you Aidan… I will pray that he will know God’s love, the way you do, so that he can start to speak words of truth, and love. Aidan, your DNA can actully be turned into a song. What is even more amazing, is that NO ONE else has your song! JUST YOU! God loves you so much Aidan! He is so happy with who you are!

  19. Amy says

    Aiden you seem like an amazingly smart and fun boy. Don’t let that ignorant man bring you down……continue to read and enjoy all the things you love like rock n roll music, science and dinosaurs!!! You are simply adorable and a joy!!!!

  20. Kim says

    Hi Aidan! Not many kids get to be such a great inspiration for us grown ups. You are amazing!

  21. Roshni Nair says

    Hey Aiden….I am sure that a smart boy like you must be knowing how to ignore such fools and continue having fun…you are a rockstar and look at the number of fans you have all are round the world!!

  22. Lisa Mulryan says

    You are an amazing young man, Aidan. Why people chose to cut each other down is something that I never understand. Please don’t think on it. Think, instead, about all the people around you who love you just the way you are. You are a brave, intelligent and wonderful young man. God bless you.

  23. Lisa Downey says

    Hi Aidan,
    I was just reading this story about the mean guy in the grocery store parking lot. There are a lot of crummy people in the world, but you don’t need to let them spoil your day or your life. You can choose to respond to his hurtful words. You can either believe them or not. I hope you throw his words in your mental trash can. My five year old son is also on the spectrum. He reads and wants to play with his older sister’s friends. The friends don’t like playing with him because he is different. It’s ok – he will find friends who love him just as he is. Remember to stay true to yourself and love who you are. I tell myself those words all the time. It’s hard to be your own person sometimes, but it’s really important. What if Rosa Parks or Abraham Lincoln had followed the pack? Stay cool! Stay different! You and my son are both truly awesome. :)

  24. Denise says

    Wow! Aiden, you are one cool kid! And one lucky boy to have a mom who is so strong. She is doing an awesome job raising you to be such an amazing, respectful, kind, compassionate, resourceful, strong and intelligent young man. We moms often struggle with empowering our children with the tools to become great…and you’re mom clearly is doing that with you and your brother. And I know it’s not easy being a kid…we adults tend to expect you to make adult decisions and act like adults, forgetting that you are just kids. And clearly, even adults don’t always act like adults…like the man you tried to be like in the store. Who knows why he acted that way…we don’t know his struggles or journey. Perhaps he himself was mistreated and told he wasn’t worthy by someone he looked up to, or maybe he is suffering from the things he saw while serving our country … clearly his anger is just misplaced. I always say, walk a mile in my shoes before you try to judge me, for you do not know what weight & burdens I am carrying. God has a plan and that included you running into this man…I pray that you inspired him to change, to be a better person and to act like a kid…forgiving easily when adults (and kids) act like children and say mean & hurtful things. I hope you take this day to reflect on how important it is to know that his words can’t take away who you are…and they don’t define you. You define you! And you are one totally amazing kid! Keep up the good work. And tell your mom “Thanks!” because she is pretty amazing too!

  25. Di says

    Hi Aiden – you are unique, talented & super smart! Do you know the children I look after have listened to your ‘Sour Soldier’ story & we all felt you were brave, kind & respectful to him. In saying that, we think you need to know that because you could did all that – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  26. Just momma says

    Dear Aiden, I’m a mom of three great kids. Jaden,10, Jillian, 7, and Bodhi, 1. I turn 41 this week but when I really grow up, I hope to be more like you. I hope to teach my kids as much your mom has taught you in your 5 years!
    I think your amazing already! Imagine what you’re going to accomplish when you grow up!

  27. says

    Aidan, first to your Mom – you have done an obviously wonderful job in raising such a bright and compassionate young man. I say young man and not boy because in this situation, Aidan was the bigger man.

    Aidan, please keep being you, don’t let one bad experience change your big, happy heart!. The world would be a much better, nicer place if we could all learn from you and not let anger or hurt control us, but to pray for the person or situation.

    I always try to give people benefit of doubt, you never know what they are going through, what news they just received, etc., but there is nothing that justifies pain to another human being. My hope is that the man from this incident does see your letter and can be big enough to apologize, it may be just what he needs to soften his heart.

    Aidan, give Mom a big hug and keep sharing love! Changing the world, one Aidan at a time.

  28. Erin says

    Aiden! You are a beautiful child of God, He created you in His image. You are special! I have three little boys, one has a scary allergy and some people say mean things to him. But we always say those people are the saddest people in the world that have to be mean to a little boy to make themselves feel big. I am sending your mom a big mom to mom virtual hug, it is so hard when someone is mean to your most precious gift. Good luck to you Aidan, you sound like an awesome kid! Sending you and your family lots of love from Wisconsin!

  29. Rose says

    Hi Aidan,

    First off: GOOD FOR YOU! You choose God each day, and it shows.

    Second: life is full of challenges, whether we are on the spectrum or not. I just wonder how sad that man is way down deep inside himself. Maybe he is on the spectrum too, but doesn’t even know it because no one has ever tested him. Maybe he was in a war and saw bad things happen to people and can’t forget it, and it makes him angry. God doesn’t want us to judge that man, but just love him. And that is what you did by praying for him.

    Third: Aidan, keep doing what you are doing. You are like the Star that was over Jesus’ stable when He was born. You are shining bright, strong, and true as an example for others to follow. You are not perfect, so don’t worry about that. (Only Jesus is.) But you are on the right path. Keep going!

  30. says

    Aidan, so proud of the way you responded to a very hurtful situation. I have
    been teaching in MS club to students about how they need to learn to forgive
    and let people go who have terribly hurt them. Joseph in the Bible is a great
    example of how he forgave his 11 brothers who almost killed him and sold
    him into slavery and then went falsely accused to prison. Joseph’s ability
    to forgive and Aidan’s ability to forgive are two great examples of how we as
    humans created in the image of God should respond to mistreatment. Aidan
    your response is very noble and God’s face shines on you today (psalm 67:1) and
    you, like Joseph in the Bible, will be a great ruler in God’s Kingdom. Keep running after your amazing talents God has given you and keep forgiving people who just need to know Jesus or need to surrender to him more deeply and nobody can hold you back. Aidan you are a world changer and a history maker and I and more importantly God are so proud of you. love in Christ, joseph

  31. Rev. Dr. Leslie "Mary" Trombly says

    Aiden, You are quite the little fella! You have the kind of heart that puts the hearts of many adults to shame. As a Veteran, I apologize for the soldier that said what he said to you. Not all soldiers are like that. It depends on their upbringing and apparently hie was brought up with prejudices about people who don’t mee his standards of perfection. Who’s perfect. I’m not, You’re not and neither is your momma in this world; BUT in God’s world we are and we are perfect in his sight and in his creation. I have a disability like you but it isn’t really a disability if you look at it from God’s point of view. I was a Vietnam War Army nurse and sufered a spinal cord injury, 2 busted knees and 2 badly fractured hips. I haven’t been able to walk for 50 years and I am stuck in one place. I can’t even transfer to my wheelchair anymore. Guess what? I can still serve God and I am still perfect in his image too. What we ar ein life is not what we ar ein our heavenly home. God created you with some pretty special attributes and you seem to be using them already. No other five year old can have the claime you have on your knowledge and verocity for learning.You go AIDEN! God has made you extra special. Don’t ever let a cruel person break your heart or tear you down. Your gift of forgiveness is rare and not many will do that een in normal circumstances. Aiden when I read your letter from your mom, It touched my heart and your beaustiful blue eyes radiate the Love of god. Don’t ever loses that. You will run into cruel people in or out of uniform that are cruel, BUT don’t take their words to heart. Maybe they are hurting too and a kind word like “You Know that God Loves you and I Forgive you” can work wonders. Maybe not right thee and then but when it hits them they will find themselves regretting what they said and how much more you are a fine young man than they are at their age. You see, Aiden, I have been ridiculed all my life because of my race, I jhave been called a “half-breed” because I am half Blackoot Indian and half Swedish. I have been beaten up many times growing up and turned the other cheek. I have been belittled because of my physical disability and mocked because God called me to be his Minister. There ar epeople in this world like that but love and forgiveness works wonders. Eve if som who have hearts of stone and it doesn’t work for them, you have done exactly what God would like all his children to do. I LOve you little guy and my prayers are with you and your family that you grow stronger and braver in a very cruel world. You can write to me anytime and so can your momma. I am proud of your momma in such a cruel moment in time. Hugging you was the best thing she could do. You can e-mail me at

    God Bless you all! I am here for you if you need me. I am only one of God’s messenger of Hope and love. I offer that to you.

  32. Joy says

    Aidan, you are a delightful young man and I’m so glad you were born and are in our world! We all run into difficult people and I’m so sorry about your experience with the man at the store but I’m so proud and impressed with how you chose to forgive him! You are an inspiration to all of us on how to respond to situations like that. Good for you!!

  33. Karen Petersen says

    Dear Aiden. You are an amazing boy. God has a plan for your life, mainly to love. To love Him and to love others. You are a valiant warrior in His kingdom, as many of your generation are. God bless you. Be encouraged. God loves you. Karen

  34. Jess Gjerstad says

    Don’t worry if mere people call you names and insult you- They called the heroes of the Bible like Paul the same thing- and in praying for that other guy, you basically did what Paul did in 1 Corinthians 4:13.

    Guess what God called him: Sent one.
    Guess what God calls you- “Sent one”; God fearfully and wonderfully made you and then sent you to your beautiful family as a special one to his heart. Maybe I will get to meet you some day.

    God’s opinion far outweighs what they say anyway.

    Speaking of the things in your life that you can’t easily control- and cause you a lot of pain and confusion right now- watch Jesus transform them into something that brings you incredible joy in the days ahead.

  35. Jeanette Sanderson says

    Aidan, you are so special! God truly has made you in His own image, and you are awesome! Your loving prayers are very close to God’s own heart! Not only is God so well pleased with you, but so are we! We are just another grandma and grandpa who love to see children grow up in God’s ways. Way to go, young man!

  36. K Jarmon says

    HI Aidan!! Your a very brave young man! The Lord is impressed with you taking a stand and praying for a man that might have no friends. Maybe this man has been deserted or has to make medicine that makes him crazy! You Aidan are a true soldier, onward Christian soldier, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. Jesus knows what’s stuck in that mans heart and he was blind to the joy all over you and that you are very, very special!! My goodness you are so young to be a scientist so again you are very brave. Studying so hard to learn all that important stuff! Since you are a genius you know that forgiving that man makes us forget because you gave that man to Jesus. Good job young soldier and keep marching for Jesus because He is marching with you and all around you. He is behind you, before you and always in you!! You keep up the good work young genius soldier because you are definitely approved by the Lord and you are in His army for sure!!! I’ve been yelled at too when I was your age. But now that I forgave I don’t even think about it anymore because Jesus gave me a love for those that have been hurt and never receive any love. I bet that man went home that night and thought about his awful behavior and he is trying to figure out why he acted that way. I don’t know anyone that could sleep after acting out like he’s having a tantrum. You will find throughout life that adults, big people have tantrums just like little children. Most of the reason is they haven’t really grown up yet. Jesus said to think about things that are pure, lovely and kind. So when that man finds Jesus he will be able to do this. He just can’t do it without Jesus. I am so proud of you and remember that man won’t forget how he acted in public and your beautiful smile and blue eyes will never be forgotten by him. Maybe this is what he needed to check himself and realize he needs a savior. Think about this, if we were all perfect we wouldn’t need a savior would we? Thank goodness Jesus is always with us to help us and Jesus wants you to have a GREAT BIG HUG FROM HIM!! HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH AND HE’S FOLLOWING THAT MAN AROUND TAPPING ON HIS SHOULDER TO TURN AROUND AND FOLLOW TRUTH AND LOVE!! Be happy and keep marching young genius soldier for Jesus!! With God all things are possible, all things are possible!! Look up and know He is with you every second of the day and night!! Bye for now and keep smiling and marching!!
    Miss K

  37. Debbie says

    #youareaheroaiden, and you have the biggest bestest heart of any little boy I have ever read about. God bless you sweetie. And continue on with your great advetures in Math and science. You are brilliant. Hugs!

  38. Theresa Reyna says

    Aidan…You are a precious. I read your story today and WOW…you have the heart of Jesus to pray for the one who hurt you so deeply and forgive him. I was thinking about this man who spoke so hurtfully and I began to pray for him. I realized that he must have been very deeply hurt throughout his life and has never known the love of Jesus. There are so many people in the world who have never felt or experienced the love of the heavenly Father…YOU HAVE! You truly are a gift from God, not only to your family, but to thsi world. Blessings in Jesus…Theresa

  39. Chiquate. Jones says

    Aidan u are God’s chosen and you are on assignment to show us how to forgive and LOVE…thanks lil brother….HUGS

  40. Amber Ross says

    AIden, just wanted to stop by and say how cool and awesome you are! Jesus smiles everyday at your kind heart, sweet smile and amazing life! The big, wide world is a better world because you are in it. I have a little boy who is 5 years old too so I happen to know that 5 year olds are pretty great:) I pray God gives you the very best day ever!!! Rock on, my friend!

  41. Pattie says

    My favorite thing about you Aiden is how your heart beats with the Love of Jesus. I will pray with you for the soldier man. His heart is sad and empty but we know that can change when he finds Jesus. Keep praying and keep being exactly you, the sweet smart Aiden God exactly loves.

  42. Amy says

    Dear Aidan,
    You are my hero, your ability to love and forgive is beautiful and special. God created you to be extra special. I am praying for you and your family. I am also praying for the “Army Man”.

    Amy from Tennessee

  43. Merideth says

    Hi Aidan! I heard you had a rough day the other day, and met someone that was not so nice to you. I felt so sad for you, because no person deserves to be attacked! It made me happy to hear that you had prayed for the man that night, though, and I hope you know how proud you made your Mommy and Daddy by being “the bigger person.” You set a great example for your baby brother Jack too! I have to say, though, I am not surprised at your reaction. I have it on pretty good authority that you are an all around awesome little guy. Your mom is so proud of your achievements, personality, quick wit, intellect, and kind heart that she can’t stop bragging (I am not complaining – I have a little girl of my own and I am the same way). Can I ask you to do something, Aidan? Don’t stop being you! You are exactly who you were meant to be!

  44. Michelle Johnson says

    Hey Little Buddy! Wow! You amaze me!!!! I am 48 years old and you are way smarter than me!! You did good Aiden praying for the man who was not kind. The bible says Love covers a multitude of sins. This man sure needs Jesus! Only Jesus can help him and change his heart. Us mommies get quite upset when someone says or does something to hurt our children. We become like a mother bear protecting her baby cubs!! Don’t ever be afraid because Jesus had His special angels watching over you and He promises to never leave you or forsake you!! But the best is yet to come! Jesus had an amazing plan for your life!!! So excited for you!!

  45. kari says

    Good for you Aiden. You truly responded the way Jesus does to people. I have a son who is now grown with autism. He’s gentle, kind, and forgiving like you. You have set a beautiful example of forgiveness that even grownups can follow. Many blessings to you and your family.

  46. Twana Hess says

    Aidan, you are more grownup than you realize. What that man said to you was so wrong. He chose to be mean to you and he lost an opportunity to meet a wonderful little man. Please don’t let this incident change you for the worse. You will meet many people that will say and do hurtful things but you actually can grow into even a better person because of it. I know because my younger sister has been disabled since she was your age and endured a lot of mean things. Always remember what I told her….God doesn’t make junk only jewels.

  47. Karen Mcmillen says

    Hi Aiden, my name is Karen and it is a pleasure and honor to meet you. Sorry about your experience with a disgruntled Gentlman who was anything but gentle. Dearest Aiden my friend you are right to thank Veterans for there service, you have a very compassionate and kind heart which is what our world today so desperately needs. What we need the most is to have more people like you who are not afraid to love others like Jesus has commanded us to do. Jesus said it would not be easy and some people will not accept His love even though He gave his life for them! So you just keep up the good work Aiden because God sees everything that you do for Him and He promises that your reward in heaven will be great. God bless you and thank you Aiden for showing us how to love others like Jesus did. You are truly a very courageous soldier in the Army of God and I salute You and thank you for your faithful service! Yours truly Karen Mcmillen

  48. Amy says

    Aidan, you lovely boy, YOU are a gift and reminder that uniqueness comes in so many forms. Don’t ever stop being you, our world needs boys (and girls) like you to help us remember to stop in our hurried lives and embrace our silliness, love our fellow humans and smile in the face of ignorance. There is no perfect, no absolute right but only questions in this giant world that help us understand each other. You are amazing, smart and undeniably good hearted and that, you darling child, is a gift straight from God. I can only hope you never stop being you, never give up asking questions and refuse to let others actions or words hurt you, they can only achieve this if you let them; don’t let them. You just be you, smile your gorgeous smile and never give up in what you believe, dream or hope. You are quite frankly, an awesome boy and don’t you ever forget that or let people make you think anything less of you, they are not you and couldn’t possibly understand the depth of your incredible being. I have a feeling you will do amazing things in your life and wish you the very best!!! Rock on little man!!! As Dr. Seuss says, “Oh the places you’ll go”!!!! And trust me, you most certainly WILL go far!!! #YOUREMYHEROAIDAN

  49. Viv Adams says

    you are perfectly made in God’s image, and you are loved! Kia kaha, young man, stand strong! <3 xxxxxx

  50. Sarah says

    Hi Aiden!

    You sound like such a cool, wonderful person with a bright future ahead. It’s a big thing to understand that a lot of times, the way someone behaves toward you says more about them than you. Keep rocking with your awesome smile and taste in music. The world is a better place for getting to see this through your/your mom’s eyes.

    All my best,

  51. Melody says

    Aidan – Your unfortunate story reminds me of what Jesus said in Matthew 18:1-3.

    “At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.'”

    Many people would look at a big soldier standing next to a child and naturally think that the soldier was the “greater” of the two. As I read Jesus’ words, I think they would be wrong.

    Thank you for reminding us to “pray for those who persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). You are an inspiration to us all!

    Sending love to you from Kansas! :-)

  52. Kathy says

    Aiden: one of my favorite songs to sing with the kids when I taught Sunday School was “I am who the great I AM says I am”. I love this song because it lets us know that each of us is different, unique, special in some way but, we are all the same in that we are one of God’s children, created in His image to be exactly who He created us to be. Sadly, there are some people in the world who decide they will not make good choices, they will not educate themselves on the differences or challenges of others. Thankfully, there are a whole lot more good people in the world who, even if they don’t understand the challenges of some people, are tolerant, patience and willing to learn. I hope you understand that being “spectrum” simply means God made you a little extra special and that you are destined to do great things in this world. You’re an extremely smart little guy and I’ve got a feeling you’re going to have an amazing, positive impact on this world. I’m glad to know that there are kids like you who are the future of this world… gives me hope. And I’m so glad God gave you a true appreciation for great music (I and my kids are big fans of ‘classic rock’) and such an amazing mom!

  53. Beth says

    Dear Aidan,
    It seems to me that not-so-nice man in the grocery store just hasn’t been given a good hug in a long while and he probably needs one. We all do sometimes. You are lucky that you have your mom to give you that hug when you need it. I know that, as a mom, I sure do feel better when I get a good hug from my boys. I think your mom is very lucky to have you when she needs a hug too. God has blessed you Aidan. Stay awesome.

  54. roxy says

    Hi Aiden!!!
    You’re my hero!! I was so sad when I read about what happened to you at the grocery store! What a pity that a man in uniform, who should be a role model and lead by example, decided to be mean to you and your mom! I’m so sorry that happened to you. Some people just don’t take the time to get to know about others, and in your case, it appears to have been his loss!! You sound like a wonderful, creative and smart special boy, and with your mind, I’m certain you’ll do wonderful things! Keep being your positive and happy self, and I hope you can soon forget the mean things the soldier said!
    I hope these lovely posts from others bring a smile to your face!!
    Love from CANADA!!

  55. Jen says

    You are a very special boy, Aiden. Your mom is an amazing lady and you are both blessed to have one another. Ignore what others may think or say, knowing in your heart that God doesn’t make mistakes and you are one of his successes. God bless!

  56. Lisa says

    You are my hero, Aidan! I am lucky enough to work with children just like you every day. And I was lucky enough to have raised one as well! The world would be very bland without people like you and your unique and invaluable attributes. Ignorant people who hold every person to the same standard are closed minded and intolerant in a world that encourages tolerance and open mindedness. Although he may be a veteran, he is not acting as an American. Like a spoiled carton of milk, he’s past his expiration date when it comes to how things operate today. Don’t let anything someone like this says impact you in any way. It’s not worth your time or energy. It was worth the energy, however, for your Mom to start this dialogue. All things happen for a reason, and I believe you are opening the eyes of many. So, yes Aidan, you are my hero for causing this awareness campaign of sorts. I know you will do many magical things with your life!

  57. Catharine Riley says

    Aidan you are such a sweet boy! Please don’t let that experience change your innocence and excitement for life. I promise you will meet many many more loving people in your life. There is nothing wrong with you, we are all different, and that is the way God intended it. God Bless you sweet boy and your dear Mother.