How I Lost 50 Pounds in Only Six Months

How I Lost 50Lbs A year ago I was the heaviest I had been my whole life. At 5’9″ tall, I was 212 pounds and was wearing a women’s size 1x or an extra-extra-large. I was constantly fatigued, my chronic pain issues were becoming more and more inflamed, and I was so frustrated with the way clothes fit that I was beginning to lose any sense of what my personal style really was anymore. As my confidence suffered, so did my marriage, and it was difficult to want to go to social occasions when I knew I was going to face the inevitable parade of trying on 20 uncomfortable and poorly fitting outfit ideas before ultimately settling back into one of the 4 or so comfortable pieces I had relegated to myself almost daily. I was finally unhappy about it enough to be ready for change. In 6 short months I was able to shed 50lbs, bringing me to 162 lbs and a women’s size 8 on top, 10 on the bottom, or a size medium. The transformation has been a dramatic one, with the weight loss visible not just in my body but in my face as well. It changed the entire way I look, but more importantly it changed the way I feel. Not only was I able to lose the weight, but in the past 6 months I have been able to successfully keep it off, fluctuating  in a range of only 5-7 lbs through different seasons and changes in activity and diet. Amazingly, none of this weight loss was from working out, as when I was losing this weight I was going through various health issues and wasn’t cleared for physical activity any more strenuous than regular walking or occasional hiking with my boys – so nothing with a caloric burn to really bring about significant weight loss. This means ANYONE can lose weight, even if you’re facing physical handicaps that keep you from strenuous exercise. So how did I do it? Three main components made up my plan.


1. Kick Preservatives to the Curb: Eat Whole Foods Instead

ProduceI actually began my dietary changes not to lose weight but to help with various health issues I was experiencing. Rather than count calories, I was intentionally limiting the amount of processed foods and preservatives I allowed into my diet. In fact, I wasn’t tracking calories in much of a meaningful way for most of my weight loss journey. My focus was on eliminating the amount of chemicals making their way into my body. I learned quickly that the battle was best fought once at the grocery store, rather than over and over at home. This meant trying to keep my shopping trips to the outer walls of the grocery store as much as possible, and avoid purchases from the aisles in the middle. We kept tons of easy to snack on produce, especially berries and cuties oranges, to make up for the sugary treats I had become rather addicted to. Salty snack cravings were satisfied with choices like lightly salted almonds, or specially chosen tortilla chips or baked pretzels from a trusted whole foods provider like Trader Joe’s. I had to change the way I looked at what constituted a typical meal, since I wasn’t always able to cook meals from scratch but still didn’t want to fall back on processed convenience food. I actually ate many a lunch that looked almost exactly how I would feed my young kids: a few pieces of a preservative-free lunch meat (like turkey or nitrate-free salami,) a few nibs of cheese, a handful of pretzel crisps, a large carrot, and a selection of fresh fruit. I ate regularly, I never excluded any major food groups, and I never let myself go hungry. And sure, I would occasionally cheat, especially if eating a meal out with friends, but my goals were less about following a perfect program and more about creating a different lifestyle in how we approached food overall.

2. Find Ways to Actively Treat Yourself: Too Much Restriction Leads to Cheating & Quitting

Trader Joes ChocolateOf all the times I’ve managed to lose weight in the past, the process has been full of starts and restarts, and usually the pounds I lost came back within months – and it would bring some of its friends. This time I wasn’t so much focused on losing weight as on overall health, so I was allowing myself treats more than on any previous diet attempt. As the weight continued to slide off, and all throughout the past 6 months of maintaining my new size, treating myself has remained an important way to KEEP with these healthy changes. I’ve found from experience that the more I try to stick to super restrictive plans that require you to cut out entire food groups or eliminate all sugars or fats, the more Im tempted to cheat;and the more I cheat, the more quickly I convince myself I’m going to fail and quit the diet entirely. By allowing myself treats (like these amazing 100 calorie chocolate bard from Trader Joe’s,) I wouldn’t feel like I was on a diet, and my attention would be less focused on what I “couldn’t” have and more on the incredible changes I was seeing and feeling in my body.



3. MY SECRET WEAPON: Essential Oils Were the Ultimate Game Changer

Essential Oils for Weightloss

Now some of you may have read this far and thought to yourselves, “this isn’t really anything new to me – eat healthier and dont worry too hard about it… been there, done that.” For you folks in particular, I’m about to share my secret weapon that changed my health and diet in ways I honestly thought fell under the heading of internet scam or too good to be true. And in the spirit of honesty, when my friend first started telling me about essential oils from Young Living and all they could do for my health, I thought, “Yeah, sure… and Dr. Oz has the magic kale smoothie cure for cancer right?” At the time though, my health was in a pretty nasty way, and after trying so many things that simply weren’t working, I was desperate enough to give it a try. When my starter kit first arrived, I would classify myself as a “hopeful skeptic.” I certainly didn’t expect the oils to live up to the hype, but I was desperately hoping they would help even a little. And man, did those little bottles exceed all of my hopes. Within a month we were successfully using oils to help everything from insomnia to viral infections to chronic pain to acne that had plagued me since my teenage years. It was at this point that I heard about a trio of oils recommended for helping in weight loss. According to the experts, an empty capsule taken each day filled with a mixture of lemon, peppermint, and grapefruit oils could help with weight loss in incredible ways. Peppermint would aid in digestive function, lemon would help detox and balance the system, and grapefruit would drastically curb sugar cravings and help speed metabolism. Since I had already seen such wonderful results with other uses for the oils, I decided to give the oils for weight loss a try – and within 6 months I was 50 lbs lighter. When taking the oils I could feel a noticeable difference in my energy levels, in how quickly I felt full at meals (my portion sizes were dramatically reduced,) in how regular I was, and most noticeably in how much less I craved sugar. At one point I even went off the capsules for 10 days to see if it was just placebo effect, and by the end of the 10 days I was swearing up and down I would never stop taking them again. When a sugar craving hits especially hard (::cough:: PMS much? ::cough::) I put a little grapefruit oil directly on my skin like eau de toilette or diffuse it into the air, and the craving is noticeably eased. Thanks to my amazing mason jar tumbler and glass straw from The Mason Bar Company, I have also been able to add various citrus oils too my water intake each day. Lemon, Grapefruit, and Tangerine have become my favorite oils to drink, and just a few drops make keeping up my water intake super easy and delicious, while also providing the health benefits of the oils themselves.
(*It’s super important to point out that citrus oils should never ever ever be consumed in plastic of any kind, as they can eat at the plastics over time and can pull toxic chemicals from the plastic into your water. Only drink citrus oils from glass or stainless steel products. I cant recommend the glass tumbler and glass straw I’ve shown here highly enough!)
(**It’s even more important to point out that not all essential oils are safe to ingest. In fact MOST essential oils are absolutely NOT. Please research all essential oils before you purchase or ingest. I did a lot of research before decided on oils for my family, and the only brand I can SAFELY recommend for these uses is Young Living, especially because of their Seed to Seal process.)

I’m so grateful for the way these oils have affected my health and my weight loss journey, that I’ve decided to give away a 24 oz tumbler with my favorite mint lid and a glass straw (generously given by our friends at The Mason Bar Company,) as well as a full sized bottle of grapefruit, tangerine, and lemon! Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. Winner will be selected by Contest will close at 12:00am on 4/1. Good luck!

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      They don’t usually come with the glass straws standard, but an acrylic one in your choice of color. You can purchase the glass straws as an add on item in their shop. I use the glass straw whenever Im ingesting anything with my citrus oils, and use the acrylic one that came with my tumbler for when Im drinking something like iced coffee. However they DID just launch a special new set that includes a glass tumbler, a glass straw, and their special bamboo lid option – so that there is no acrylic or plastic of any kind coming in your set at all. That item is listed here:

      Hope this helps <3

  1. Patti Jones says

    Thank you for sharing! Very exciting & healthy!

    How many drops of each of the weight loss oils did you use per day? Did you just take them once a day or more?

    • says

      Hey Patti,

      I’ve heard different specifics from different people, but this is what I *personally* did. I ordered vegetable capsules direct from young living, and purchased a dark glass bottle off amazon with a glass dropper in the lid. I mixed equal parts lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint in the glass bottle, and I kept the bottle and a tupperware full of the empty capsules in the cabinet above my coffee maker – with all the vitamins and daily medications. Each morning I would take out one capsule and fill it almost to full with the premixed weight loss trio. I took one capsule every single morning, and *sometimes* I took a second one between lunch and dinner, but not regularly. I began to see results within the very first week of starting this regimen, so I knew it was working for me. As far as ingesting the oils in water, I dont have any official goals or regimen for that, I just add them as I feel the need – or just to make my water taste delicious!

      Hope this helps answer your questions <3

  2. says

    Please pick me , I have been struggling with my weight off and on and I do not feel good . I am ready to be a new person please help me, Thanks Melissa

  3. Audria says

    Inspiring story! I just started using YL oils not long ago. I’ve been slow to experiment with them, but I do see them working for certain ailments. My next venture will be the Weight Loss Trio, as I need to shed some pounds by mid-summer and your glass Mason jar would be PERFECT! I’ve entered in just about every way I can. Hope I win and experience success like yours! Thanks!

  4. Lindsay L says

    Way to go! I’m hoping to do the same thing this year, I love my YL oils. And I’d love to win the mason jar :)

  5. says

    Well, your story has about put me in tears. I am at my highest weight of, 285. I was down to 235 when my mom passed away a little over two years ago. My dad is in late stage dementia and I had gotten to the point I just didn’t care. In late January, I was introduced to Young Living Oils. I have loved them but not lost much weight. Now you have me excited. I do not have Tangerine, but I will make sure it is on my next order. I would love to benefit from getting your free gifts. Whomever you choose, I am sure they will be blessed. Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. It has encouraged me so much more.

  6. Angel Ryan says

    I have hashimoto’s and have put on 65lbs! I have been researching ways to help me lose weight and feel better essential oils come up almost every time. I haven’t purchased any yet since I don’t know what is safe. I believe that if I got a starter kit and started using them that I would be a life long customer! Thanks for telling me about this!

  7. Melissa dewolfe says

    how much of each oil do you have to put in the capsule (ie how many drops)? Where can I find the best deal to buy the capsules? Thank you so much for you sharing your inspiring story

    • says

      I personally order my capsules directly from young living, but you can get them on Amazon or any major health store.

      As far as number of drops you’ll see different suggestions out there, but here’s what I *personally* did. I bought a dark glass bottle with a glass dropper lid, and I premixed equal parts lemon, peppermint, and grapefruit into the jar and shook it up. I kept the jar and a Tupperware with my capsules in the cabinet above my coffee maker, where I keep my vitamins and daily medications. Every morning I would fill the capsule up most of the way full with my pre-mixed weight loss trio. *Sometimes* I took a second pill between lunch and dinner, but not always.

      Hope that helps answer your questions!

      • Gweny says

        if I may add. If you would like to make capsules ahead of time put them in the freezer or the oils will break down the capsules.

  8. Sarah K. says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while and I always fall off the bandwagon and just give up! You’ve inspired me to try again, and I’m going to try adding oils this time around!

  9. says

    Do you by any chance mix any carrier oil with your mixture of drops or do you just do the mixture of the peppermint, grapefruit and lemon?

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      I don’t use any carrier oil in mine ConnieN. I premix the trio in a glass bottle with a glass dropper in the lid, and I keep it with my empty capsules in the cabinet where I keep my vitamins and medications. In the morning I take the premixed trio and fill my capsule and take it first thing with my vitamins. Hope this helps!

  10. Sara Perkins says

    I got essential oils at a family owned store all the ones you said. But it says do not ingest. I apparently have no idea what I am doing..Can I still take them or do I need to take them back?

    • says

      I can’t recommend ingesting ANY brand other than Young Living. I posted a link in the article with more info as to why. Look for where I mentioned the “seed to seal” promise form young living. Most essential oils out here are full of all kinds of fillers, chemicals, and synthetics. Young Living sells pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. That’s why they are the ONLY brand I will use with my family.

    • says

      Hey Ashlee,

      Depends on the oil honestly. They have strong flavors, because they are highly concentrated, so for starters you only need a few drops to get the flavor. I personally love the taste of oils like tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, orange, lime, or the citrus fresh blend that Young Living makes. I personally HATE the taste of peppermint oil directly in water, way too strong for me, and I love mint leaves in water so that’s saying something. I always took my weight loss trio in a capsule to make sure I got those three in my system every morning. The oils I drink it water are just an added bonus.

      Hope this answers your question!

      • Ashlee says

        Yes, this helps me a lot! When you get the capsule, do you fill it all the way up then? How quickly are you needing to buy more oils to keep it going?

  11. Kerri says

    I’m starting the capsules. I’ve seen people that say take three times a day and some say two. What do you recommend?

    • says

      Hey Kerri!

      I personally took my capsule once a day, sometimes twice. My capsule was pretty packed full of the good stuff though, no carrier oil. All of this to say you find what works for you and you go with that.

      Hope that helps!

  12. Mimi says

    Your story is very eye opening. I am very skeptical when I hear weight loss stories. This seems legit. Thanks for sharing. It put a glimmer of hope in my weight loss attempt.

  13. says

    Thank you for sharing. I too am the heaviest i have ever been and have been trying everything to lose weight. However i still breastfeed my 9m old and im not one of those lucky women to lose weight while breastfeeding. I truly feel defeated and at a lose and tired of squishy fat. This is great about the EO’s. I will have to look into this.

  14. says

    Whoa! I think I have to try this plan out! This would be the best weight loss plan in my book i I could achieve my ideal weight in six months or less! Great read!

  15. mandie says

    Hi. Thank you for this article. I have about 50 lbs to lose myself and I just wanted to be it one drop of each of the 3 oils in a capsule twice per day? And do u need a carrier oil? Thank you for your help!!

  16. aaron says

    Just can came across your pin. I suffer from sever migraines almost daily and have gained almost 50 lbs in the last 2 years. I kills my head to do most physical activity so hearing about the oils was very interesting. I have used Do Terra oils before but have never heard of Young Living. Thank you for the information may have to do some so trials.

  17. says

    I loved reading this: I’m 5′ 9″ and ten days ago I weighed 209lbs. I’m now 199lbs after working with a nutritionist AND taking my trio daily. I’m excited to see how much healthier I am in 6 months!

  18. LisaY says

    I actually teared up when I got to the bottom of the page and the contest was closed :( GREAT contest and article. Please consider doing it again.