Easy DIY Watercolor Project for Preschoolers

My sweet mama has a birthday coming up soon, so Jack and I set up some super inexpensive supplies we had on hand and made her a piece of art I know she’ll treasure. This project is super simple and Jack needed very little instruction other than “try to fill up all the white with your colors” and he was happily entertained at the table for longer than Im usually able to keep him in one place.


All you need for this project are:

* Thick Watercolor Paper
* Washable Watercolor Paint Palette
* Brushes
* Scrapbook “Thickers” Letter Stickers
* Cup of Water
* Paper Towels (for blotting and clean up)


1. Decide what you want your art piece to say. We opted for “Happy Birthday GRANDMA love JACK”

2. Place scrapbook thickers onto your water color paper. Make sure to press them down all over so they have a tight seal.


3. Have your little one paint over as much of the paper as possible, especially focusing directly on top of the scrapbook letters. We found its helpful to “blot” the brush on top and around the letters rather than simply brushing in strokes. You want as little of the white paper showing through as possible for this to work, especially in the space where the letters are affixed.





4. Let the painting dry.


5. Carefully peel of the scrapbook thickers. Occasionally some of the paint will rip off a bit with the letters, and thats totally ok. The idea here is an authentic child-made project, not a Pinterest worthy piece of perfection, so don’t sweat it.


6. Make sure to take some photos of your child with the art piece. Our favorite way to frame and display child art is right next to a photo of its talented creator with their completed masterpiece.